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Thumbnail for 7- Buckeyes

7- Buckeyes

For those who can't get enough peanut butter, try making buckeye candies, sugary goodness that will leave you incapable of eating just one. Buckeyes are peanutbutter balls covered in chocolate.  PREVIOUS NEXT read more about 7- Buckeyes

Thumbnail for 10- Buy in Bulk

10- Buy in Bulk

BJ's Wholesale Club and Sam's Club are two stores in the Lake Norman area that allow you to buy more for less. Consider buying a particular product in bulk so that you can distribute gifts to multiple people at once. Shopping in this way will save you time, money and stress. No more spending time… read more about 10- Buy in Bulk

Thumbnail for 2- A Gift From the Heart

2- A Gift From the Heart

You have a long list this Christmas and you just can't afford to buy your best friend her favorite eye liner from Sephora. But you do know the kind of pie she enjoys and maybe you have some extra construction paper laying around! Pick up some main ingredients from the store and get to baking!… read more about 2- A Gift From the Heart

Thumbnail for 3- Set a budget

3- Set a budget

Holiday shopping is exciting, but you can't spend all of this month's paycheck. The inevitable bills and additional expenses will not go away. Try setting a budget and sticking to it when purchasing holiday gifts. Only spend the amount of money you set aside. Don't go overboard.  PREVIOUS NEXT read more about 3- Set a budget

Thumbnail for 4- Debit vs. Credit

4- Debit vs. Credit

Thanks to credit, buy now and pay later has become too easy, especially when you do not have enough money on hand to buy that one heck of an expensive gift. But relying on credit can get you into major financial trouble. If you are able, use debit. If you have the money and can afford to buy, swipe… read more about 4- Debit vs. Credit

Thumbnail for 5- Shop Early

5- Shop Early

Shopping early is key to making wise holiday purchases and staying within a budget. Don't wait until the last minute rushing to buy those Christmas gifts and end up spending more than you originally planned. Create a list of who you plan to buy for and what to puchase ahead of… read more about 5- Shop Early

Thumbnail for 6- Give Up Indulgences

6- Give Up Indulgences

Save some mula and give up on your weekly indulgences, no matter how small they or how much you feel you can't be without them. It adds up and can provide you with additional cash to spend when it comes time to holiday shop. Put your gym membership on hold for two months, work out at home and… read more about 6- Give Up Indulgences