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Thumbnail for 1- Date

1- Date

Whether he is just a friend or someone more, like a first love or long-term boyfriend, ladies enjoy having a sweet boy decked out in a dark suit/tuxedo and tie escort them to the prom- the night they spend weeks and maybe even months preparing. Ladies often question whether the guy already has a… read more about 1- Date

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"Will you go to prom with me?" is probably one of the hardest questions a boy will ever ask a girl. Boys, how do you plan to pop the question this year? Be creative and confident but keep it simple. Start your prom out right and impress the girl you have been waiting to take to prom for a long… read more about 10- The PROMPOSAL

Thumbnail for 2- Dress

2- Dress

Sparkly? Strapless? Dark? Light? Ruffles? These are the questions running through a girl's mind as she decides what dress to wear as she dances during prom. She might even imagine what would appear prettier as she poses for photos. Every girl is different and as they say, each to his own. But every… read more about 2- Dress

Thumbnail for 3- Hair

3- Hair

Make-up and nails fit right in here, too. We will get to shoes later. Once the girl has come up with a hairstyle, perhaps curls or braids, bun-style or straightened with shiny clips, she can make appointments to take care of all her beauty needs. The hair must remain in tact throughout the whole… read more about 3- Hair

Thumbnail for 4- Shoes

4- Shoes

Some girls wear flats so they can dance and move around with ease, others glide around the venue with fashionable high heels, despite possible pain and discomfort as the night progresses. Girls like to say "Hey, I'm here" with their shoes. Some girls even put priority on shoes before their dress!… read more about 4- Shoes

Thumbnail for 5- Friends

5- Friends

Indeed, the social aspect plays a huge role in making or breaking the big prom night. Even with a date, everyone as couples or individuals should go together. Friends should always stick with friends. Sure, share a special dance and tasty punch with your date but also be sure to socialize with… read more about 5- Friends

Thumbnail for 6- Music

6- Music

Let the DJ know ahead of time! Prom music must be relevant, trending and all the more catchy. This can include songs from radio stations and main hits from popular music stars. Sure, it's nice to have variety. And regardless of whether high schoolers of today are aware of and listen to 80s… read more about 6- Music

Thumbnail for 7- Food

7- Food

High school promgoers not only want to look fashionable and jam out to their favorite tunes- they also say it's a party when food is served. With students dressed up, it's probably best for caterers to leave out messy foods and drippy sandwiches and provide grilled chicken, potatoes and salad.… read more about 7- Food

Thumbnail for 8- Venue

8- Venue

Where the prom is held certainly matters and can leave you with unforgettable memories or thoughts of "I can't believe I wasted money to hang out here all night". No reason for students to complain about being too hot or cramped up. The venue should be spacious and clean and include plenty of… read more about 8- Venue

Thumbnail for 9- After Party

9- After Party

Cheers to a good night! A perfect way to end the big day full of preparation, laughs, fun, eating, dance and other festivities is to continue the party elsewhere! If it's been approved with parents, prom groups could consider finishing off the night together with movies, late-night snacks and… read more about 9- After Party

Thumbnail for Top 10: The Perfect Prom

Top 10: The Perfect Prom

Students from local schools are preparing to make the best promposal that will impress their date- and hopefully do more- get a date to the prom! Boys are coming up with how to pop the question, while the ladies are planning their special night to a T, stressing over hairstyles, the right dress and… read more about Top 10: The Perfect Prom

Thumbnail for Prom Night 2015

Prom Night 2015

Interested in advertising in our March 13 Prom edition? Contact your rep or call 704-766-2100 for more information. Our Prom guide will feature past proms, a list of prom vendors, prom-related stories and asking a date to prom. read more about Prom Night 2015