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Thumbnail for 5- Find new friends

5- Find new friends

A lot of kids go into summer camp thinking, "What if no one likes me?, what if I can't find someone to hang with"? Never fear. Because of the nature of summer camp, kids will always find a way to make friends and long-lasting relationship through activities, games and events. And if you already… read more about 5- Find new friends

Thumbnail for 6- Free time

6- Free time

Forget about school, forget about the everyday routine. Summer camp is there for kids to learn but also relax and enjoy themselves. The season is a time for kid's to come to terms with who they are and spend time doing the things they enjoy most, whether it's playing a sport, riding horses or… read more about 6- Free time

Thumbnail for 7- Gain social skills

7- Gain social skills

Choosing a summer camp for your child is just the right start to helping them learn how to work with others. Summer camp teaches children how to resolve disagreements with others and work in teams, understand differences of opinions and respect one another. Being at camp forces children to… read more about 7- Gain social skills

Thumbnail for 8- Try new things

8- Try new things

Do you fear rock climbing? Camping in the woods, afraid of bugs? You can never get over your fears if you don't get out there and give it your best shot. You may have to get back up on the horse several times, but you can do it. Summer camp introudces kids to a variety of activities, some of which… read more about 8- Try new things

Thumbnail for 1- Chocolate Gift Basket

1- Chocolate Gift Basket

Now, this is for the world's #1 chocolate lover. Men, if your lady has a sweet tooth, a chocolate gift basket is a guaranteed way to satisfy her cravings. Purchase a basket from any supermarket or drug store, then, fill the basket with chocolate candy bars/hearts, brownie mix, chocolate cake mix,… read more about 1- Chocolate Gift Basket

Thumbnail for 2- Dinner & Relaxation

2- Dinner & Relaxation

Ladies, every man loves a hot plate of food prepared by the love of his life. You cannot go wrong with this Valentine's Day gift. Hit the grocery store and grill/cook him a flavorful, tender filet mignon, bbq ribs or beef brisket. But transform this gift into more than just a typical dinner- make… read more about 2- Dinner & Relaxation

Thumbnail for 3- Weekend Getaway

3- Weekend Getaway

Men, women love to get away from reality and their everyday stressors. Surprise your Valentine with some tickets to go skiing at Sugar Mountain in North Carolina or Winter Place in West Virginia. Do you want something a little more romantic? Bring her to your cottage up in the mountains, make a… read more about 3- Weekend Getaway

Thumbnail for 4- Customized Frame, Mug

4- Customized Frame, Mug

Girls, you see your love leave for work everyday with the same old coffee mug. Is his desk covered in frames with outdated pictures of you two from many years ago? It's time to buy him a new coffee mug and a decorative frame with an updated picture inside. Provide him with something exciting, new… read more about 4- Customized Frame, Mug

Thumbnail for 7- Flowers, Massage

7- Flowers, Massage

This gift has 'winner' written all over it. Men, when you see your lady on Valentine's Day, hand her a bouquet of beautiful flowers. But temporarily fool her. Place a gift certificate for an hour massage session at a local spa somewhere hidden among the flowers. Encourage she put the flowers in a… read more about 7- Flowers, Massage

Thumbnail for 8- Tickets

8- Tickets

Have you and your sweetheart ever talked about going to a concert together? A ball game? Go-kart racing? Girls, surprise your honey with tickets to go see his favorite band or sport! Plus, you get to take part in the fun festivity, as well! It's a win-win. Entertainment for both parties.  The… read more about 8- Tickets

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Arts Briefs - Week of 1/29

Cinema includes scratch-in-sniff screenings CORNELIUS – Studio-C Cinema will present an “Odorama” screening of the comedy, “Polyester.” “Polyester” is a satire on the popular 1960s and 1970s TV sitcoms that featured perfect upper-middle class families, like “Leave It to Beaver,” “Father… read more about Arts Briefs - Week of 1/29