Monday, May 25, 2015
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Arts Briefs -Week of 3/19

Theater group hosts Golden Jubilee DAVIDSON – Theater lovers are invited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Davidson Community Players at Encore: The Golden Jubilee. The event includes performances, dinner, a raffle and silent auction. “This special fundraising event will enable DCP to… read more about Arts Briefs -Week of 3/19

Thumbnail for 1- Hide and go peep

1- Hide and go peep

Say goodbye to hide and go seek...for now. Play hide and go peep during the Easter season! Get someone to place peeps inside of Easter eggs and hide them in all kinds of locations. While that person hides, shut your eyes, count to 25 and start the journey finding those peeps! PREVIOUS NEXT read more about 1- Hide and go peep

Thumbnail for 10- Peep s'mores

10- Peep s'mores

Spice up your bonfire nights with peeps! Roast some marshmallow peeps over the fire and use for s'mores! If you have a sweet tooth, this is most likely one of the most effective things you can do with leftover peeps. Your s'more will become sweeter and more colorful!  PREVIOUS read more about 10- Peep s'mores

Thumbnail for 2- Peeps in a microwave

2- Peeps in a microwave

Have you ever wondered what would happen to a marshmallow peep heated in a microwave? Watch the video below to find out! To make it more exciting, turn this event into a peep jousting competition! Stick toothpicks in each peep, place them in the microwave and watch one peep fight the other to the… read more about 2- Peeps in a microwave

Thumbnail for 4- Decorate that desk

4- Decorate that desk

When you find yourself getting sick of eating peeps but still enjoy the candy, save any extra peeps. Remove them out of the package and let them harden on the counter. After a couple weeks, use them to decorate your desk, shelf or dresser. Use your peeps as festive ornaments!  PREVIOUS NEXT read more about 4- Decorate that desk

Thumbnail for 7- Easter cocktail

7- Easter cocktail

Since marshmallow peep candy is rather sticky , attach a chick or bunny peep to the straw or the rim of your favorite cocktail! Not only will the peep make the drink festive for Easter but the addition will also pretty up your mixed alcoholic beverage. Now it's REALLY a party!  PREVIOUS NEXT read more about 7- Easter cocktail

Thumbnail for 9- Let's play dress up

9- Let's play dress up

Have you ever noticed peeps never wear any clothes? They lack all fashion and stick with one color. It's on you to change that! Buy a frosting pen and give those peeps some style! Draw a tie, perhaps a dress or a hat. Outline their shapes with chocolate and include fancy designs on the bodies. Make… read more about 9- Let's play dress up