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Friday, July 25, 2014
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We are a ‘Great Lake’

Editor, What constitutes “Greatness”? In a sports team, do we measure greatness by how old the team is or by how many games they have played? In a restaurant, is it the number of items on the menu or how much is charged for the meal? When it comes to a city or town, is greatness determined by the… read more about We are a ‘Great Lake’

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Slow down the fast train

Editor’s note: N.C. Rep. Ric Killian represents House District 105 in south Charlotte.Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about high-speed rail in North Carolina. Unfortunately, much of the discussion has been unnecessarily politicized. As a chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on… read more about Slow down the fast train

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The train vs. the lane

Editor,Faced with choice between a light rail system serving north Mecklenburg or none, you’d probably climb aboard, right? And if I asked you for a donation to help build it? I’m guessing your response would be somewhere between “let me get back to you” and “bless your heart.”But rail lines cost… read more about The train vs. the lane

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Just widen it already!

Editor’s note: Kurt Naas delivered these remarks in longer form to the Cornelius Board of Commissioners on Monday, Feb. 21.Editor,I have the misfortune of commuting to downtown via Interstate 77, where sometimes it takes 20 minutes to travel from exit 28 to exit 25. If I do my arithmetic right,… read more about Just widen it already!