Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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I was at recess the other day when I stepped in a bunch of dog poo. I've stepped in worse, but still ... EWWWW!I was not happy to step in a bunch of poo. I think that the person walking their dog should pick up their dog's poo, especially on the school playground! read more about EWWWW!

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It's time to grow up

There are two town board members, Jeff Neely and Ron Julian, who are acting like 2-year-olds. And one of them even resorted to offensive language from the podium at a recent meeting. In town government, things should be settled by votes and not juvenile name-calling, making faces and off-color… read more about It's time to grow up

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Honk elsewhere, please

Every day, my neighbor’s children drive off from their parents’ house and honk their car horns. Sometimes they go around the block so that they can repeat the honking. I wish they would exercise consideration for neighbors and reserve the use of car horns for their original intention, preventing… read more about Honk elsewhere, please

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Only in Cornelius!!

Have they poured enough cement for the Diverging Diamond at Exit 28? I have traveled to every state in the great USA. You do not see cement medians! Also, I think the NCDOT missed the geometry class on hypotenuses. Straightest line is the most direct route. Even a marathon runner will clip a mm off… read more about Only in Cornelius!!

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My pet peeve is...

My pet peeve is the citizen who moves to a politically conservative state like North Carolina from a liberal state to escape high taxes and big, oppressive government that robs him of his liberties, and then votes for liberal Democrat politicians whose policies raise his taxes and rob him of his… read more about My pet peeve is...