Friday, February 5, 2016
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When in Cornelius...

I recently heard Cornelius Police Chief Hoyle speak at an event. He said crime rates are way down (mostly due to national trends). Now the chief wants a half-million-dollar software that provides enhanced information on criminals. They should be reducing the police force and cutting the budget.… read more about When in Cornelius...

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Totally disgusted

I-77 toll lanes to continue even though most of the public thinks the deal stinks. I-485 extra lane to remained closed to anyone for 5 years. Sure glad I sat through construction traffic to build a completed lane that can't be used for 5 years. What's the common theme here? $$$$$$$$ and how the… read more about Totally disgusted

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Our town leaders seem to just adding to their tax pool but the town is outgrowing its ability to serve its residents. A new development on Huntersville Concord Road, numerous units behind the library, Vermillion never stops (how many units are they squeezing into that small area on Huntersville… read more about Overwhelmed

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Take action

For those who are sick of the unthoughtful litterbugs out there, take action yourself. Here is how: Take down the tag number, the date, the street where you witnessed the littering and the time. Send this information or you can call it in and those irresponsible people will receive a letter. We… read more about Take action

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Let's hope...

Anyone notice the two very tall commercial city street lights on Liverpool Parkway that fell over for no reason during the big 12 hour, 1/2" snow event last week? Hope the installers were not the same ones involved in the sailing masts on the diverging diamond. read more about Let's hope...

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How rude!

It's so annoying how rude people on cell phones are to others. They must think when they answer their phone a soundproof bubble encircles them. No matter how loud they talk, the people around them can't hear them. I was in line to return something at Kohl’s and hear someone talking loudly about… read more about How rude!

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Really?? I see at a local elementary school parking spaces with personal names, reserved for “special” moms who are volunteering to the school. Really?? How much corny it can be? Makes me puke!!! read more about Really??

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To the person who has the need to run on the middle of at the Jetton Road, against the traffic ... on a day where all sidewalks are covered with ice ... really??? You may have a “fit” body, and for sure you are a brainless!!! read more about Brainless!!!

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Just saying!

Well, just got back in town, couldn't wait to see the bridge with the shiny wires and lights. What the!!!!! You got to be kidding me. Can’t see the four wires. Yes, looks like only four of them. You can’t see them from Interstate 77 because the poles are only 15 feet tall. And the trees block it… read more about Just saying!

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What's your opinion?

It really upsets me when a medical office wants me to pay my deductible before I have seen the doctor or medical professional. I think I should pay for “services rendered” and not for “possible services available to be rendered.” I for one insist on paying after my visit. If that’s not agreeable to… read more about What's your opinion?

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I hate the “formula” ...

I hate the “formula” that public libraries have been using for the last few decades to determine when a book is discarded. The formula has to do with how long it has been since it’s been checked out and not if it’s worn out. So the bookshelves in the library are more than half empty and the library… read more about I hate the “formula” ...