Monday, May 30, 2016
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To the person who has the need to run on the middle of at the Jetton Road, against the traffic ... on a day where all sidewalks are covered with ice ... really??? You may have a “fit” body, and for sure you are a brainless!!! read more about Brainless!!!

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Just saying!

Well, just got back in town, couldn't wait to see the bridge with the shiny wires and lights. What the!!!!! You got to be kidding me. Can’t see the four wires. Yes, looks like only four of them. You can’t see them from Interstate 77 because the poles are only 15 feet tall. And the trees block it… read more about Just saying!

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What's your opinion?

It really upsets me when a medical office wants me to pay my deductible before I have seen the doctor or medical professional. I think I should pay for “services rendered” and not for “possible services available to be rendered.” I for one insist on paying after my visit. If that’s not agreeable to… read more about What's your opinion?

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I hate the “formula” ...

I hate the “formula” that public libraries have been using for the last few decades to determine when a book is discarded. The formula has to do with how long it has been since it’s been checked out and not if it’s worn out. So the bookshelves in the library are more than half empty and the library… read more about I hate the “formula” ...

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Get things right this time

Peeved that so-called "planners" like Bill Coxe readily admit projections made by their predecessors in the 1950s and 1990s were wrong, but current "planners" have all the information they need to get things right this time. Birkdale seems like a pretty busy place and yet people gather there rather… read more about Get things right this time

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Trash everywhere...

Trash everywhere!!!!! Why is there trash on every single road in Huntersville? I'm amazed that people litter like this and more amazed that nobody will remove it. Huntersville blames NCDOT and NCDOT says it's not their job. Very embarrassing to explain trash to a company visiting from out of town. read more about Trash everywhere...

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Well here we go again

Well here we go again, a multimillion-dollar payoff to a sports empire, namely NASCAR. I'm sick of the city acting as a clearing house for transferring tax money to billionaires and millionaires. It's too easy for these payoffs to cover up something unholy. read more about Well here we go again