Tuesday, December 1, 2015
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How rude!

I was trying out a new pedi-cab and the service was very slow. I didn't want to say anything, as the cyclist-driver was clearly working very hard to keep us moving. When I got off (not having mentioned anything about the stroll-speed), he looked at the meager tip and scoffed that he was not the… read more about How rude!

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It is just acting!

I was cast as Judas in a nativity play recently. Since then, the actor playing Christ and all of the other apostles have been going for dinner after each rehearsal. Every time I try to come along, they rudely rebuff me, calling me a blasphemer. It is just acting! read more about It is just acting!

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Good or bad manners?

More often than not, I find myself being addressed by a cashier as "honey, baby, sweetie, etc." Most of the time these cashiers are barely old enough to be out of high school. Are they not being taught the basics of good manners? In my opinion, this is disrespectful. Calling customers by these… read more about Good or bad manners?

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No, thank you

I read about Kim Kardashian posing nude for some magazine called Paper. It was really popular and broke the Internet from what I hear. Why doesn’t The Herald Weekly consider recruiting one of those fine Lake Norman ladies to pose nude for the cover? You guys would get a lot of interest. I will help… read more about No, thank you

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Shame shame shame

I am peeved with all those stores around town. Why do we need to have all those Christmas decorations, music and “smells” of Christmas before we even finish the month of October? Such a shame!! We can see it is all about consuming … sales … marketing … not about the real holiday!!! Shame shame… read more about Shame shame shame

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Show me the money

What is wrong with people wanting grade A childcare but not wanting to pay for it?? They go to work and want someone to love and care for their child for peanuts! They say they can’t pay much but it’s funny how they always have money for their vacations and fancy cars, clothes and gym memberships –… read more about Show me the money

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Tsk, tsk young man

Oct. 27 – to the entitled, inconsiderate driver of a Toyota Tundra with an IcyWaves(Wakes) decal who felt you couldn’t be bothered to obey the Yield sign at the intersection of Gilead Road and the entrance to I-77 North even though I c-l-e-a-r-l-y had a green light and the right of way – and then… read more about Tsk, tsk young man

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Is this fair?

Why do people living in South Charlotte, Ballantyne, Pineville and Matthews all get brand new third and fourth lanes in their expressways, and yet these same taxpayers want Lake Norman residents have to pay a toll for 50 years to have the same privilege? The same scenario for light rail. read more about Is this fair?

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You've been reported

To the person in the dark-colored late 1990s model Dodge pickup towing the boat who thought it would be cool to throw their cup of liquid on the cyclist in Davidson, this is assault. I hope you think about the death or injury you could cause with your stupidity. You've been reported as an… read more about You've been reported

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It would sure help

The intersection of Alexandrana and Old Statesville Road/N.C. 115 has many vehicles coming from the northeast via Eastfield Road. There are few vehicles approaching the intersection from the west. I’d like to see the NCDOT add a yellow arrow visible to the left turners coming from the east.It would… read more about It would sure help