Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Modern and fresh with a touch of Asian culture, our atmosphere is unique and welcoming. Whether you are out on the town, or taking the entire family to dinner, eeZ is a healthy, non-smoking restaurant for the whole family. eeZ Fusion & Sushi is being heralded as the spot for the freshest, most creative and innovative sushi for miles around. eeZ offers sashimi, nigiri and basic rolls, but goes a step further on its specialty rolls. To top it off, eeZ offers an array of fresh steaks and seafood dishes.

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At The Elements 4 Life, we believe that breathtaking style and comfort go hand in hand and should not end when you step into your outdoor living space. The Elements 4 Life team works closely with MINT Landscaping, Inc. to do all the hard work for you. While MINT Landscaping, Inc. will help you design and build your personal outdoor paradise, the Elements 4 Life will help you outfit that space into the perfect outdoor retreat with furnishings and accessories in a variety of decorating styles from rustic to romantic.