DAVIDSON – The Veterinary Hospital of Davidson blends holistic and traditional treatments to offer a variety of options to improve the health and quality of life of cats and dogs.

Dr. Nicole Peterson Sheehan opened the practice last June and was recently joined by Dr. Carrie Uehlein, having worked together during their veterinary school days at Ohio State University.

“We build bonds with our clients,” Uehlein said of what sets them apart. “I take care of people’s pets like my own. We all genuinely care about these pets and their owners.”

The Veterinary Hospital of Davidson is an integrated full-service animal hospital, providing advanced medicine, dentistry, surgery, ultrasounds and check-ups. The office also offers alternative treatments such as acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine and laser arthritis treatments.

Sheehan said alternative medicine offers more options for pet owners looking for answers. Acupuncture and herbal remedies can treat allergies, seizures, paralysis or digestive problems. It can offer relief so it isn’t chronic while not giving unwanted side effects.

But it doesn’t always replace traditional treatments.

"We sometimes use medicine to get quick results because people can't tolerate sadness or illness in their pets, but then we'll do something behind-the-scenes with acupuncture, nutrition or herbs so that they aren't in here with the same problems over and over again," Sheehan said.  

In one instance, a pet owner brought in a cat with a tumor for a second opinion having been told it needed an MRI, surgery and radiation. Sheehan realized a better option might be to amputate its leg and offer anticancer herbs.

“If there is a difficult problem, and we figure it out so that the animal lives and has a greater quality of life, there is nothing more rewarding,” Uehlein said. “I was born to fix these hard cases – that and play with puppies.”

Because good health starts with food, Uehlein and Sheehan emphasize nutrition away from processed food.

“We love canned food or homecooked or raw foods,” Uehlein said of what they recommend. “People say they would never give their dog people food, but it's great for your dog if you use the appropriate people foods. We're big on real ingredients versus a lot of dog foods that have a lot of fillers in them."

They also promote Chinese food therapy.

“In China, if you are sick, before you take any kind of medicine or acupuncture, you'll eat the right kinds of food to get rid of your illness. They use it as medicine," Sheehan said, adding red meat could cure skin allergies or sweet potatoes help digestive problems.

Sheehan believes in treating all animals as she would her own pets. It’s not uncommon for the two to bring a patient home if they feel it needs further observation.

Proof that they are doing well doesn’t just simply come from the pet owners.

“The animals don’t mind coming to see us,” Sheehan said.

Over the last year, the business has been booming. Uehlein was needed soon after opening, plus they are adding three more to their support staff of five.

“We hope to maintain our high standards and keep up with the demand as we continue to grow,” Sheehan said.


Want to go? Celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Veterinary Hospital of Davidson with a ribbon-cutting, tour and refreshments at 8 a.m. June 13 at 445 S. Main St.