Since March 2012, Lake Norman Publications has published a weekly Dining Out column, highlighting the people, menu items and ambiance of restaurants in Cornelius, Davidson, Denver, Huntersville and Mooresville. Cathy Swiney wrote for the column from March to August 2012. Molly Reitter has been writing it ever since.


“131 Main even manages to elevate the lowly cornbread to a place of honor. It is served in its own cast-iron pan with the most amazing integration of sweet, salty and spice. Douse it in honey or enjoy on its own.”

– 131 Main, March 15, 2013


“Despite a seemingly sophisticated atmosphere with the chandeliers, mahogany wood and white cloth-draped tables, Alton’s is more of a flip-flop-friendly, casual neighborhood restaurant.”

– Alton’s Kitchen & Cocktails, June 1, 2012


“Seafood dots menus around the area, but with the exception of ultra-casual fish camps, where frying is the preparation of choice, there is no restaurant dedicated to creatively prepared market-fresh seafood served in a casually upscale atmosphere. The arrival of Bonefish Grill, a national chain, in Huntersville changes that.”

– Bonefish Grill, May 18, 2012


“Like any good tavern, the bar crowd at Brickhouse is bumping. But don’t expect to find just college students or blue collar workers. There is an eclectic mixture from all walks of life.”

– Brickhouse Tavern, May 9, 2013


“Entering the Birkdale location on a gloomy day, the entire restaurant is warmly lit like the hearth of a home. The wood-burning oven glows, the air is heavy with fragrant aromas, and the space feels cozy and welcoming – just like a local pizza joint.”

– Brixx Pizza, Aug. 15, 2013


“The food is American fare with a healthy spin. Lots of vegetarian options, homemade salsas, soups and salad dressings and fresh ingredients.”

– Café 100, Oct. 12, 2012


“Gail Fairbanks’s sister Edie Surratt and her husband, Doug, knew that Davidson needed a casual Mexican eatery that jibes with the fresh food vibe of the area, so they decided to start a second Carrburritos. The result is Mexican perfection.”

 – Carrburritos, Nov. 7, 2013


“The waitstaff glides through the sophisticated setting like actors from central casting dressed in blue jeans, crisp white collared shirts and black aprons. It’s hard to believe this is Denver and not Uptown Charlotte or Birkdale Village. The lucky locals are taking full advantage and packing the place.”

– Chillfire Grill, Oct. 17, 2013


“Often the ultimate restaurant experience involves trying something new. At Duckworth’s Grill and Taphouse, you can try a rare craft beer or a twist on the Philly cheesesteak. Both the beer and food menus are vast, detailed and extremely tasty. The attention to detail creates the perfect dining and imbibing environment.”

– Duckworth’s Grill and Taphouse, April 26, 2013


“The couple closed on the restaurant in July 2013 and opened a couple weeks later.  The place has been scrubbed, redecorated and revamped; the only thing that is the same is the view.”    

– Eddie’s Seafood, Sept. 26, 2013


“The beauty of eeZ Fusion & Sushi is that it has something for everyone, but the dishes are done in a way that skews from the norm. For example, the fish tacos are not the typical grilled fish topped with salsa and served in a tortilla. The fresh fish is tempura-battered, lightly fried and then served in a grilled flour tortilla with a topping of cilantro Sriracha cream sauce. There are also sushi rolls featuring filet mignon.”

– eeZ Fusion & Sushi, Aug. 24, 2012.


“If you were blindfolded and taken to Flatiron Kitchen and Taphouse, it’s a sure bet you’d think you were in New York City. It feels like a quaint bistro on the Upper East side – the kind that are on every corner up there.”

– Flatiron Kitchen & Taphouse, Dec. 7, 2012


“But the real heart of the restaurant is not on the walls or the ceiling or the floor, it comes from the two owners. They compliment each other both literally and figuratively; the respect and love is obvious. It flows like the Galway Bay into every inch of the pub.”

– Galway Hooker, Jan. 18, 2013


“J.J. Wasabi’s does a meticulous job with the gigantic menu, making the customer feel as if their entrée is the only one.”

– J.J. Wasabi’s Grill and Bar, Jan. 30, 2014


“Appealing to a diverse crowd, Jack’s has become a place for businesses lunch, a watering hole for fans to watch sports and a casual restaurant for families. The dim pub features predominately dark wood tones with accents of antique white wainscoting to lighten the space. A mix of booths and tables are surrounded with the expected assortment of TVs and beer signs found in a pub.”

– Jack’s Corner Tap, Aug. 3, 2012


“Even the look of the restaurant mixes the best of the old and new South with gorgeous, brocaded curtains hanging from floor to ceiling windows and a modern, exposed, black ceiling. The menu changes with the seasons at Jeffrey’s Restaurant, based on what fresh produce is available at that time of the year.”

– Jeffrey’s Restaurant, Sept. 7, 2012


“North Harbor Club hits the close-to-impossible trifecta of dining: view, service and food. The floor-to-ceiling windows offer views of Lake Norman without a bad seat in the house. The service is spectacular, with waitstaff well versed in specials, menu items and specialty drinks.”

– North Harbor Club, March 28, 2013