When the rumors are rampant that Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce President Bill Russell is actively working to unseat Mayor Jill Swain, is it any wonder that Cornelius “business leaders” would give her a low rating in business relations?

Mayor Swain’s biggest fault may well be that she won’t brag about herself. So I will. She has been the regional mayor that has welcomed the principals of the $90 million corporation ABB and has led the way to providing, editing and formatting our new corporations with an employee family-welcome booklet. With the Charlotte International Cabinet, our mayor is working with Charlotte Mayor Foxx, the Charlotte chamber and the Charlotte regional partnership to integrate the international employees into our respective communities seamlessly and to help our communities share our varied cultural experiences.

She has also been one of the originators and the primary cheerleader of the fledgling Huntersville Connection, which brings community businesses, destinations and nonprofits together. In fact, she is often caught “matchmaking” businesses to encourage partnerships and community exposure.

And don’t think Mayor Swain’s efforts to encourage a healthy relationship between the three public high schools with the recent Trifecta Battle of the Bands didn’t have additional benefits. By encouraging the students to call on local businesses for sponsorships or participation, she also brought future loyal customers to those entities.  And by forging a relationship for the venue at Rural Hill, more high school students – and their parents – are now aware of the location and events.

I’m not quite sure if the chamber is supposed to be participating in political campaigns, but speaking unfavorably of a mayor who has worked hard for businesses just doesn’t seem very wise for the very entity that is supposed to work with her on behalf of our area businesses.

– Molly Patton, Huntersville