It took a few months of education, but I think most people will agree that the flashing left-turn lights help traffic flow. They are basically yield-right-of-way signs overhead instead of on a post at the side. And they are an admission by the state and traffic engineers that the good sense of a motorist is better than a hard metal sign – and that a yield sign legally carries the same stop requirement as a stop sign does if there is traffic.

So why not take this to the next level? Let’s start replacing stop signs at intersections where traffic is light and sightlines are good with yield-right-of-way signs. This could save motorists thousands of gallons of gas a year, reduce air pollution from exhaust and brake dust, tire wear and even some noise.

Start with town-controlled streets and then ask the state to consider doing this on state roads. I’ll bet we could replace 10 to 20 percent of stop signs this way without affecting safety in any way.

And the cost would be low. The poles are in place, and it takes just two bolts to change one out and the stop signs could be recycled to other new construction where they are needed. So nothing is wasted. I’d like to see our mayor and town board get behind this idea. If the town is allowed to grow as they envision, and  apparently support, air pollution and Code Orange days are going to get much worse than they are now.

– John Probst, Huntersville