My letter is in reply to Coach Gobble. Coach Gobble, your 53 student-athletes do as well as they do because of you. Half the students at Lake Norman Charter High School may not even know who Mr. Riemer is. You are an excellent coach, and Lake Norman Charter has a lot of excellent teachers and coaches. Because of them, it makes me and other parents proud to have our children attend.

The administration, however, is a different story and not something I or others are very proud of. I have to agree with Mike Price. Mr. Riemer is a bully, not only to some teachers, but to some students and parents as well. It concerns me as a parent that someone is capable of the abuse of power that Mr. Riemer seems to possess.

I know I sound like a disgruntled parent, but until you or your loved one is the one being bullied, you have no idea what the man is capable of. So for all the teachers, coaches and parents who believe he is not a bully, just wait until it is you or your child or a friend’s child that he is yanking the rug out from under.

It is amazing to me that parents would not want to question a person who is in control of their child’s future, especially when that person has hurt so many others. It saddens me to know that one person could have so much control over others. It also scares me that some people can be so naive.

At Lake Norman Charter, all is perceived as perfect, but there are no perfect schools, teachers or students. With Mr. Riemer deciding what “bricks” should build this school, this house of “cards” will come crashing down.

– Lisa Barsuhn,
Parent of a 2011 graduate and a former Lake Norman Charter student