As a lifetime resident, I have always been proud to say I am from the Town of Huntersville. I do not live in Charlotte and do not appreciate Toyota of North Charlotte referring to just that. They are not in North Charlotte but within the town limits of Huntersville, off I-77 exit 23, which is a Huntersville exit. I have thought about going by or calling and talking to the general manager about this, but I am just one voice. I believe many of the residents of this town would agree and would ask Toyota of North Charlotte to either move there or change their name, possibly to Toyota North of Charlotte. Are they ashamed to be in Huntersville?  (The little blonde girl from another dealership sure doesn’t have a problem with it!) As they do a lot of TV advertisements, this creates a false sense of location.

I was wondering if you could run a story on this “false advertising,” maybe speaking to the dealership. At the least, this would bring attention of the residents of Huntersville, and we can hopefully become a voice of many.

– Amy Greene, Huntersville