Editor’s note: This writer sent this email to Huntersville town board members and copied the Herald Weekly.

Re: Option 3 for N.C. 73
First, let me say thank you to Commissioners Charles Jeter and Danae Caulfield on your positions and comments Tuesday night, Sept. 6, in regard to the long-term plan for N.C. 73 East. I am 58, a lifelong resident of Huntersville and a resident of Hubbard Road that is going to be affected greatly by the vote that passed for Option 3. I was not aware of the meeting until I received a call Sept. 5 about 7 p.m. and was quite astonished that this was to be voted on the next night. I had no knowledge of any of the workshops that reportedly had been taking place the past several months as well.
I sat and listened to comments made by the proponents of Option 3 regarding property values and their statements regarding the majority of residents. These N.C. 73 residents between Beatties Ford Road west down to Hagers Ferry are not interested in maintaining family properties. They purchased on N.C. 73 knowing of the traffic concerns and knowing that they were in it only for re-sell options, while we on Hubbard Road have families that stretch three generations still living on family property. The comment was made about the ability to maintain a “country setting.” The town board’s vote only promotes the opposite.
Lastly, until a decision has been made about plans for the Cowans Ford Dam bridge, the board’s vote only creates a “bottleneck” problem for traffic. As it stands now, at least the traffic is all going the same direction in a single lane each way. Yes, the matter has been on the books for four or more years, but I feel that there are still many more questions that need to be answered before a call for the vote should have been made.
– Wayne Auten, Huntersville