“Why is protecting the Second Amendment so important to Lake Norman residents?”

“I believe that protecting the Second Amendment is vitally important to all U.S. residents, because it’s the amendment that historically has guaranteed all of our other freedoms.

On an individual level, the Second Amendment gives us the legal right to protect ourselves and our loved ones from harm. It empowers individuals to defend themselves.

Giving Lake Norman residents the knowledge and tools they need to do just that is one of the things we’re passionate about at The Range at Lake Norman.

Our NRA-certified instructors teach a variety of classes designed to help students successfully and legally protect themselves.

Concealed carry classes educate students about their rights and responsibilities under North Carolina law, while our advanced concealed carry class takes participants to the next level by teaching real world tactics and techniques needed to defend themselves swiftly and safely.”

– Trish Stukbauer, The Range at Lake Norman, Cornelius

What the Second Amendment says:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Carrying concealed weapons

To possess a concealed handgun in North Carolina, you must:

• Complete an approved handgun safety course

• Obtain a permit through a county sheriff’s department

• Carry your permit and a valid form of identification with you at all times.

• Disclose the fact that you have a valid concealed handgun permit when you are approached or addressed by any law enforcement officer in North Carolina.

• Inform the officer that you are in possession of a concealed handgun.

• Present both the permit and valid identification at the request of an officer

• Do not attempt to display either your weapon or your permit unless directed to by an officer.