“What does Christmas mean to you and your family?”

“Some of my earliest Christmas memories involve helping people. At Christmas time, not only would we help people as my mom did all year long, but we also cooked and baked for family, friends, neighbors as well as the folks in the nursing homes who didn’t get visitors through the holidays. She demonstrated and firmly instilled in each of us was that it always more important to give than to receive. It warms my heart to see communities come together to provide toys for children and more importantly necessities like food and clothing for the entire family.  For me, this reminds me of the giving nature of my mom and the true meaning of Christmas.”

Jennifer Young Baker,

owner, Mean Aunt Jenny, Denver

“As Christians, for my family Christmas has always reinforced our faith in Christ and focus on his unconditional love.  Christmas is a time of love, fellowship, and appreciation for the many blessings that we have received throughout the year. It is a time to remember family past and present, friends, neighbors, and those who are less fortunate than we are.  Finally, Christmas serves as an inner ‘celebratory nudge’ that the greatest gift of all dwells within and among us all year long!”

Val Daye, speaker and coach, program director, Hope House-Huntersville

“Christmas for us is all about family tradition! Watching ‘Christmas Vacation’ is an absolute must to start the season! Then, our yearly trek to the mountains to pick the perfect trees; we have three Christmas trees in all, the Santa Tree, Angel Tree and Space Tree! We have a special arrangement for St. Nickolas’ night, which usually occurs the beginning of December, but we have him come to fill our shoes the night before Christmas Eve. That way our visiting family will never miss out! Midnight Mass and our Happy Birthday Jesus cake complete our Christmas traditions.”

Shelia Brabham Brumlow, owner, O’Hanakey Co., Cornelius; Angels of ’97 volunteer