I wasn’t sure whether to get involved with the controversy about the new proposed behavioral health center in Huntersville or not.

However, the Monteith residents should know that it is very unlikely that any inpatient would get out into their community once hospitalized. CMC Randolph in Charlotte is policed by security guards. I’m sure the new facility would be the same.

I did graduate from that facility in Charlotte 2 years ago, and found a private psychiatrist.

Some of my experiences as an inpatient have left me with post traumatic stress disorder. These are not easy experiences when you are hospitalized with drug addicts, psychotic patients and some dangerous ones as well.

My life is improving due to different factors.

I understand the Monteith residents fears and concerns. I also know that there is a need for beds in this area.

What is the solution?

I hope that they find one that is to everyone’s interests.

I was a patient at CMC Randolph in Charlotte for 9 years, but left there after my second hospitalization. That was the most traumatic.

Their system is very repressive, although I understand the need for that.

I went there because I had no medical insurance at the time.

I could not afford to go anywhere else.

– Alison Smith Goldstein, Davidson