As a member of Huntersville Family Fitness and Aquatic Center, I must say I really enjoy the facility, staff, classes, equipment and especially the wonderful childcare.  I am very happy there is such a place in our town to take swim lessons or find a Zumba class and just be active in general!

In the last several months I’ve observed new paint throughout the building, new counter tops in the bathrooms and more. I am hoping, along with many other families with small children, that the HFFA included within this budget of updating decor around the building, money to staff the entrance to the splash pad all summer long so all families enjoying this awesome splash pad don’t need to drag their strollers, children, diaper bags, etc. up and through the building to come and go instead of using the established gating system directly in front of the splash pad. Because I, as a mother with a small child, would take not having to drag my family through the main building all summer long to enjoy the splash pad over new counter tops and paint any day of the week! Crossing my fingers!

– Heather Boteva, Huntersville