On May 8, we will have an opportunity to vote on an amendment to the North Carolina state constitution. As proposed, Amendment 1 says: “marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized by this state.”
There are many objections to Amendment 1. Legal scholars believe that, if passed, the amendment would create significant harm to hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians, including stripping them of healthcare benefits and legal protections against domestic violence.
We recognize those reasons as being sufficient to vote against Amendment 1—but we will vote against the amendment for the simple reason that it is unfair, unjust, and a violation of the tenet that all people are made in the image of God.
Amendment 1 was written with the sole purpose of enshrining discrimination against our gay and lesbian citizens in our state constitution. From a faith perspective, this is wrong no matter what one may believe about the issue of same-sex marriage. Our constitution is meant to protect our rights—not to strip them away from those with whom we disagree. In fact, as people of faith, we know the importance of constitutional protections that allow us to live and believe as our faith dictates.
Amendment 1 would turn our constitution into a weapon against the vulnerable. It would dictate that some people’s lives and relationships are not worthy of protection. Together, we urge you to vote AGAINST Amendment 1.


Rev. David E. Buck, Rector
St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Davidson

Rev. Lib McGregor-Simmons, Pastor
Davidson College Presbyterian Church

Rev. Jody Seymour, Pastor
Davidson United Methodist Church

Rabbi Michael Shields,
Lake Norman Jewish Congregation

Rev. Rob C. Spach, Chaplain
Davidson College