My son 7-year-old son Andrew and I attended the First Annual Father/Son Football Camp on June 23 at Davidson College. This was an all-day event at the football stadium at Davidson College and included offensive and defensive fundamentals, a practice game, tips on how to catch and kick the ball, and a final dads-vs.-kids football game.

What a fantastic opportunity to spend time with my son and other dads and their sons. The entire camp was run and taught by Davidson head coach Tripp Merritt, quarterback coach Matt Mumme and the other offensive and defensive coaches. Several football players even came at the end of the day, signed autographs and joined in the fumble-recovery drill with the kids on the slip-and-slide.

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the camp was the opportunity to spend time with all of the coaches during the day. By the end of the day, all of the coaches knew the names of all of the children and it was just like playing on a playground, except with high-level instructors.

Kudos to Davidson College football for providing such an experience and continuing to expose our community to such a fun and high-level sport. Their public outreach is welcome and appreciated!

We will be back next year and I encourage all dads and sons to attend!

– Briggs E. Cook Jr., Charlotte