This letter was written in response to the Friday, June 22, meeting of the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce:


As a supporter of the type of development the (newly approved Carolinas HealthCare System) hospital will represent, I cannot help but wonder why the short-notice Friday meeting on possible economic benefits was not held at Davidson’s town hall. After all, the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce is not an extension of local government; nor does the chamber and the CEO, Bill Russell, in any way speak authoritatively for the citizens of Davidson. Yet, that is the site, not town hall, where Mayor John Woods chose to spring the announcement of the coming of the hospital back in May.

The Lake Norman Chamber, like the Charlotte Chamber, and the national Chamber of Commerce is a private organization with an agenda for action in the political arena. It is a lobby.

Everything needs to be seen in context. And all economic development is not necessarily good for the town of Davidson, no matter the hired consultant. It depends...

– William E. Jackson Jr., Davidson