If you wrote the President and Congress a 100-word letter, what would you say?

“In today’s society, we tell our children to compromise, to share, to be understanding of the viewpoints of others, and bullying is unacceptable. And yet, when they can start reading the newspaper or watching the news, they can easily grasp when our political leaders are not following the same standards.

I am proud that Huntersville has a non-partisan board, elected by people of all beliefs. As such, I believe it is my duty to, as my grandmother always said, “represent my party with grace and listen to the viewpoints of others.”

We the People expect you to do the same.”

– Mayor Jill Swain,

Town of Huntersville

“Dear Mr. President and Members of Congress, We face a tremendously sensitive and  important time in our history.

Please allow me to offer the following points. 1. We elected you to serve the best interests of all citizens – not to focus on your party’s interests or your own interest in getting re-elected. 2. You must be courageous in the face of lobbying powers like the NRA and (Grover)Norquist. 3.  Will you stand up, speak up, and be a leader instead of remaining
silent just so you can keep your job? We want you to lead.”

– Mayor John M. Woods,

Town of Davidson

“The American people expect and deserve a representative government that works for them to provide mindful solutions to the challenges that face our great nation. It is in this time of need where truly great leadership can and must emerge to move us beyond the impasse that is crippling your ability to effectively govern. You must move beyond ideological differences and build on the shared values and principles that our country was founded on. The only solution to our nation’s debt is one that will be reached through compromise. You must come together now!”

– Mayor Miles Atkins,

Town of Mooresville