HUNTERSVILLE – The sketch plan for Bowman Development Group’s Valencia at Vermillion subdivision will have a different look than was originally proposed.

The subdivision, located in the eastern part of town near Holbrooks Road, added 38 acres when the town board unanimously approved its revision during the Oct. 7 meeting.

Valencia at Vermillion will have 464 single-family homes on 205 acres. The original proposal was approved in 2008 for 198 houses on 167 acres.

Town staff made two transportation-related proposals for Robert Bowman, the subdivision’s developer: Construct a 100-foot northbound right-turn lane on N.C. 115 at Holbrooks Road and a 200-foot southbound left-turn lane on N.C. 115 at Gibson Park Drive.

Bowman said he was aware of concerns about connectivity, but assured leaders that the subdivision will have more than adequate connections to the highway.

He also wants more downtown attractions for residents.

“I’m looking for the town (leaders) to make downtown more exciting,” Bowman said. “I’m solely at the mercy of what the homeowners will let me do.”

Commissioners went back and forth on requiring new turn lanes at the subdivision.

“The last place we need a turn lane is downtown,” Commissioner Charles Guignard said. “When I’m downtown, I never see people backed up at Vermillion. It’s not one way in and one way out.”

The board opted to accept Bowman’s revised sketch plan with the caveat that Bowman will work with town staff on alternative traffic opportunities.

Resident Betty Jane Caldwell brought up the possibility that Valencia at Vermillion would have floodplain issues.

“There are two lots scheduled to be in a floodplain,” she said. “We also don’t have the infrastructure in all our roads for all these people (who would be moving to Vermillion). We need some type of relief.”

Bowman said there would be no floodplain issues with the revised sketch plan and roads would be sufficient for the community.

The town board also:?

• Re-scheduled a public hearing regarding a rezoning of One More Neighborhood Inc., to Dec. 2;

• Unanimously approved the AS1 Multi-family subdivision sketch plan;

• Unanimously approved a special-use permit for James Funeral Home to add a “crematory accessory use;”

• Authorized a contract to Ferebee Corporation for the 2013 Fall Resurfacing Project.