DAVIDSON – The Free Clinic of Our Towns at the Ada Jenkins Center is celebrating 10 years of service this month.

What began with two or three physicians providing basic medical care one evening a week, has evolved into a clinic offering acute and chronic medical care, as well as specialty care including endocrinology, urology, dermatology, pediatrics, limited gynecology, mental health assessments and physical therapy.

Free Clinic of Our Towns was created in 2003 when a group of local concerned citizens, physicians and nurses realized that many people in the community didn’t have health insurance and lacked access to healthcare.  

Davidson residents Dr. Steve Williamson and Dr. Craig White spearheaded the effort. Both were involved with a free clinic in Huntersville for several years.

“When that clinic, closed we knew there was a tremendous need for a free medical clinic in our area,” Williamson said. “We gathered together some of the volunteers from the old clinic, civic leaders from Davidson and joined with the leadership of Ada Jenkins to start the clinic. Partnering with Ada was the best decision we made.”

The clinic serves residents of Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Mooresville and Troutman. 

“The Free Clinic of Our Towns fulfilled a community need within the scope of Ada's mission,” recalled Bill Johnson, executive director at the time the clinic was established.

In 2009, the clinic received the highest level of accreditation offered by the North Carolina Association of Free Clinics, ensuring that it follows best practices in every aspect of operation, including patient care.

The clinic records approximately 1,500 patient visits per year, serving 25-35 patients each Thursday evening. The clinic estimates that it provided $804,000 worth of services last year.

“We cannot do this without the help of many dedicated volunteer medical providers, nurses and residents of our community who have a great passion for serving their fellowman in need,” clinic manager Kay Newsom said.

Details:  www.adajenkins.org or 704-896-0471.