Davidson Mayor

Mayor John Woods is running unopposed for mayor. 

John Woods

• Age: 64

• Family: Wife Diana, daughter Kristin, son James

• Political Experience: Davidson Land Plan Committee from 1994-1995; Davidson Commissioner from 1997 - 2007; Mayor from 2007 – present

• Education: Diploma from North Mecklenburg High School, bachelor’s degree from Presbyterian College, master’s degree in business from the University of South Carolina.

• Job: Senior vice president/Lake Norman area executive for Peoples Bank.

• Reason for running: I am honored and challenged with the opportunity to serve another term as mayor. My work to assist my hometown with financial/economic development and community-building is not complete.

• Biggest issue you’d like to tackle? Among the challenges we face are our financial and economic well-being and strengthening the sense of community that makes Davidson such a great place to live, work and play.

• Contact: 704-868-6917 or jwoods@townofdavidson.org.


Davidson Board of Commissioners

Residents will choose among eight candidates for five available seats. Candidates Brian Jenest could not be reached for comment.

Jim Fuller

• Age: 71

• Family: Wife Jean, three daughters and three grandchildren

• Political Experience: Town commissioner since 2011, judge in the N.C. Court of Appeals in 2000; past member of the Davidson Planning Board; and past president of Davidson Lands Conservancy.

• Education: Degrees from Davidson College and UNC Chapel Hill School of Law.

• Job: Attorney at McIntosh Law Firm.

• Reason for running: I love the town, and believe I can make a major contribution to calling on its unique, wonderful past to chart a vision for an extraordinary future. I listen thoughtfully to all; I critique and analyze; my only agenda is this town.

• Biggest issue you’d like to tackle? Our overriding issue is how to continue our trek towards economic development while remaining steadfastly committed to preservation of our neighborhoods and our small-town atmosphere. The former is necessary to provide jobs, lower taxes and quality services. We must adhere to the latter to be true to our history and responsible to our posterity.

• Contact: 704-575-7574, jim@mcintoshlawfirm.com or www.fullerfordavidson.com.


Rodney Graham

• Age: 49

• Family: Wife Melissa, son Marshall and daughter Emma Claire.

• Political Experience: Town commissioner since 2011 and president of Davidson Lands Conservancy.

• Education: BPS from West Virginia University and master’s degree in business from Vanderbilt University.

• Job: Works at John Marshall Custom Homes of Davidson.

• Reason for running: To continue the progress we have made the past two years in improving our financial situation, making targeted investments in our infrastructure and our people while maintaining our tax rate, supporting our values.

• Biggest issue you’d like to tackle? Maintaining our quality of life in the midst of significant growth that is projected over the next 10 years.

• Contact: 704-239-1124, Graham8401@aol.com, www.graham2013.com or www.facebook.com/voterodneygraham.


Connie Wessner

• Age: 50

• Family: Husband Dave and son Ian.

• Political Experience: Town commissioner since 2009; Davidson Planning Board, 2007-2009; Davidson Housing Coalition Board member, 1998-present; member, Future of the Library Task Force, 2010; and Davidson Lands Conservancy Board member, 1999-2000.

• Education: Bachelor’s degree from Franklin and Marshall College and master’s degrees from Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University.

• Job: Director of academic advising and community-based learning at Community School of Davidson.

• Reason for running: Most simply put, I enjoy serving this community. When we moved to Davidson 15 years ago, I sought out opportunities for volunteer service, because I thought it would root me in my new surroundings. I got that in spades, because it introduced me to the diversity of individual talents, the wealth of civic commitment, and the tradition of innovative and fearless leadership that make Davidson such a great place to live. Serving on the town board is an extension of lessons I began learning 15 years ago. It is an honor to help lead in a community where consensus building and compromise, not position-taking, is the coin of the realm. It is humbling to play steward to a civic tradition nearly 200 years in the making. It is intellectually stimulating to wrestle with varied perspectives and help strike a balance that speaks to what's best for the whole town. Those roots for which I was hoping now run very deep. I'm proud of my community and feel indebted to it and very protective of it for all that it provides me and my family.

• Biggest issue you¹d like to tackle? Crafting a sustainable approach to economic development that honors our town's identity and values, leverages our unique strengths and contributes to all residents' quality of life.

• Contact: 704-895-0417 or cwessner@fandm.edu


Stacey Anderson

• Age: 53

• Family: Husband Keith and daughter Samantha.

• Political Experience: None

• Education: Bachelor’s degree in accountancy from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and master’s degree in finance and management information systems from University of Houston.

• Job: Senior vice president, strategic planning manager for Wells Fargo.

• Reason for running: I am running for Davidson Town Commissioner to bring my variety of skills and experience to continue to help Davidson grow and prosper. As a member of the Davidson community for the past 18 years, I understand that the role of commissioner is an advocate for all the people of Davidson, not just a single constituency. I intend to listen to the community before making decisions that impact Davidson’s future. I will always look forward, bringing a balanced and compassionate perspective to my efforts.

• Biggest issue you’d like to tackle? The biggest issue I would like to tackle is getting MI-Connection to profitability so the towns can sell it and use our tax dollars for other things.

• Contact: smadavidson2013@mi-connection.com


Beth Cashion

• Age: 49

• Family: Husband Bobby, son Spencer and daughter Folger.

• Political Experience: Member of Davidson Planning Board

• Education: Bachelor’s degree from Hollins University.

• Job: Director of sales and a facilitator for Finesse Worldwide.

• Reason for running: I am running because I want to be involved in Davidson’s future. I feel that my life and career experiences contribute to the job of town commissioner. I love Davidson. I love its people, its history and I feel that I can contribute to its future.

• Biggest issue you’d like to tackle? The biggest challenge ahead of Davidson is managing its growth for the benefit of all who live here currently and for the future generations – while holding paramount the community values that have made Davidson what it is today. ‘Managing Growth’ encompasses so many things. The focus of which is being fiscally responsible with our resources. We must seek creative solutions that are collaborative in their process and responsible in their effect.

• Contact: info@votebethcashion.com or www.votebethcashion.com


Rick Short

• Age: 41

• Family: Wife Andrea, daughter and son.

• Political Experience: President of the Bradford Neighborhood homeowners association.

• Education: Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from University of Virginia and master’s degress in management of information systems from University of Virginia.

• Job: Information technology department at Bank of America.

• Reason for running: Like most candidates who put their name up for election in a small town, I have decided to run for our town board of commissioners because I love this community and want to help support its continued success. Running for office in a community like Davidson is not about starting or furthering a political career. It is about working to protect and strengthen this town we all call home. I strongly believe I can make significant contributions to those goals.

• Biggest issue you’d like to tackle? In the coming years, Davidson faces numerous decisions – many of them potentially very costly and with far-reaching impacts on our quality of life. These include how to keep MI-Connection on its positive trajectory and when to sell the company once it is feasible; how much of town resources to commit to the Red Line Commuter Rail if/when that project resurfaces; and multiple decisions on other transportation and development efforts.

• Contact: 980-263-1099 or rickshortfordavidson@gmail.com


Vince Winegardner

• Age: 58

• Family: Wife Linda and three children

• Education: Bachelor’s degree in industrial management, master’s degree in aviation safety and multiple Federal Aviation Administration licenses.

• Political Experience: Served as former president of River Run Property Owners Association; president of the Northcross Master Association, president of the Northcross Professional Park and former Davidson Planning Board Member. Ran for Davidson mayor in 2011.

• Job: Retired U.S. military officer. Co-owner of medical practice and related medical services.

• Reason for running: I agree with 80 percent of what our current town board does in leading the town. This infers that I disagree with 20 percent of what the town board does. That is no big deal unless the 20 percent that I believe they are doing wrong will affect the 80 percent they are doing right. That is why I am running for the Davidson town board. The current board's support for the tolls and related house of cards will collapse on the citizens of Davidson and Lake Norman.

• Biggest issue you'd like to tackle? Davidson's Town Board has allowed extremely expensive I-77 tolling to be our preferred price for building a commuter rail. The price being imposed on us is unfair and far too high. Our citizen's already pay approximately $16 million a year to drive on I-77 between I-85 and Mooresville. Our fuel taxes alone could build the needed general-purpose lanes/bridges and pay them off in less than 10 years – they would be good for 40! Rail is still part of our future but we are taking a very short-sighted approach to making it a reality. Citizens need to learn how these issues relate and make a decision this fall on who will represent them and our future. I go into great detail on my campaign web site (www.voteforvince.org) on why I think the I-77 toll approach is a failure promoted by our current Lake Norman elected leaders in order to prematurely introduce a commuter rail option to Davidson and Lake Norman. Davidson has a history of doing things that sound great but turn out to be a huge burden to our taxpayers.

• Contact: vwinegardner@bellsouth.net or www.voteforvince.org.