Michelle Hoverson
Guest Clergy


Have you ever wondered why one finds mirrors next to elevators?

The story goes that during the post-World War II boom, with the spread of high-rises, people increasingly grew annoyed about elevator delays. People didn't like waiting, so it was suggested that mirrors be installed so people could do something to occupy their time. The idea worked. Almost overnight, the complaints ceased because people were occupied while waiting for the elevator.

Waiting. The word causes us to think of long lines, delayed flights, the doctor’s office or sitting in rush-hour traffic. Waiting isn’t something we do well.

Recently, an anticipated five-week wait turned into 12 weeks while my husband and I lived with friends waiting for a new home to be completed. While living in the waiting room of life, I discovered that waiting is like sitting on a trapeze swing. You are going back and forth but actually not going anywhere.

Most of us think of waiting as wasted time, but it’s not. During times of waiting, God can teach us lessons we couldn't otherwise learn, show us things about ourselves and others we wouldn't otherwise notice and prepare us for new seasons for which we would otherwise be ill-prepared.

The longer I live, the more I realize how foolhardy it is to try to control circumstances to speed up the waiting process. It never pays to let circumstances move us to take matters into our own hands. No matter why we are waiting on The Lord, God can use the long pauses in our lives if we allow Him. Be encouraged as you wait, for scriptures tell us that He is the God who "acts for the one who waits for him (Isaiah 64:4)." 


Michelle Hoverson is associate pastor for Outreach, Prayer and Freedom Ministries at Grace Covenant Church in Cornelius.