In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked two alleged romantics, “How did you propose to your spouse?”

“Before I actually proposed, I made sure I asked my wife’s late father for her hand and had the engagement ring with me. At her parents’ home after they both gave me their blessing, I called Val into the room where we all used to watch TV.

She didn’t suspect a thing. When she came into the room, I said I needed to ask her something. I got down on one knee and proposed and the rest is history. She cried tears of absolute joy and I knew she was the one – rescuing her from a life of drudgery and lifting her into the Promised Land!”

Wife Val adds:.

“That’s his story and I will let him stick with it. I didn’t get a ring for about a week later and it was I who rescued him.”

– Brian Daye, actor, Huntersville

“I have never been accused of being a “romantic,” so when I mentioned to my wife, Carrie, that I was going to write about our engagement, she had a good laugh. We met in college, and had been dating for 2 1/2 years prior to leaving for my first job 1,700 miles away in Tucson. We had picked out the stone before I left, so surprising her was not really an option. On my first trip back from the Missile Factory, Carrie picked me up at the Nashville Airport and I had reservations at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville (two queen beds).

Once in the room, we were already late for our dinner boat reservations, so we didn’t unpack. I quickly took her out on our balcony overlooking the indoor gardens and popped the expected question. No knee, no frills, just a simple “Will you marry me?” and with a quick “Yep” and a kiss, we ran to catch the shuttle to the riverboat.

We barely made it to the boat on time, but we were now engaged and on a boat. Just in case you like this boat theme, our honeymoon was on a cruise.

And our 18th anniversary is Feb. 10.”

– Nate Davis, owner/operator, LKNfun, Cornelius