Huntersville property owners oppose HOT Lanes


The Northcross Property Owners Association represents over 60 properties covering an area of about 280 acres straddling Exit 25 on Interstate 77 in Huntersville.  These businesses and apartments are a major contributor to local property and sales tax.

Our properties and the businesses they house have a major stake in the efficient and cost-effective movement of traffic along I-77 and the adjoining roads.

The N.C. Department of Transportation is in the final phase of approving a plan to construct privately funded High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes on I-77 between Uptown Charlotte and Mooresville.  This Public Private Partnership (P3) project is an NCDOT effort to address the number-two priority transportation issue in the state – congestion on I-77 between exits 23 and 36.

The NMA Board is opposed to this approach of widening I-77 for the following reasons:

• HOT Lanes do not solve congestion – they make it worse

• P3 HOT Lanes are the most expensive way to NOT fix the problem of congestion

• P3 HOT Lane contracts ensure a profit for the private company that “owns” the toll lanes at the expense of the community, without reducing congestion

• P3 HOT Lanes damage the local economy due to the overflow of congestion into adjoining roadways and the transfer of discretionary income to the toll operator

• Road infrastructure is a government responsibility and should promote commerce instead of impede it

For these reasons, the Board of the Northcross Master Association opposes the P3 HOT lanes solution to this regional need for I-77 and respectfully requests that our local governments find a better solution for widening I-77 between mile marker 19 and Exit 33 and institute that solution within five years.

– Alex Kilgour and the Northcross Master Association Board of Directors