CORNELIUS – The Cornelius Community Arts Project will hold art-themed camps all summer for young children as well as teenagers. Prices listed reflect out-of-town and in-town resident costs, respectively. Camps will be held at the Cornelius Arts Center, 19725 Oak St.

For more details contact the arts center at 704-896-8823 or visit


Pre-kindergarten and elementary

• Fantasy Fairies and Friends: Participants will explore many different art media as they build their own fairy house and the friends who live there. June 24-28, $150/$130, ages 4-7

• The Land of Lalaloopsy: Campers will create clothes, accessories and a home for their dolls using fabric, buttons, lace and other craft materials. July 22-25, $120/$105, ages 4-7

• Animal Babies: Children will learn about baby animals and their habitats while painting, printing and sculpting. Aug. 12-16, $150/$130, ages 4-7

• Adventures in Candyland – Edible Art: Campers will decorate cupcakes, cookies and other goodies as well as make their own recipe book and learn kitchen safety, dedicate a day to Candyland. July 8-11, $125/$110, ages 4-7

• Mirror, Mirror: Campers will explore characters and themes from their favorite stories and create art that will take them on a journey to magical kingdoms. Aug. 5-8, $120/$105, ages 4-7

• Fancy Nancy: Campers will read a different book each day, make clothes for their own posh puppy and learn etiquette at tea parties. July 15-18, $120/$105, ages 4-8

• Super Heroes Save the Day: Campers will create characters, comic books and cartoons and take off with their favorite superheroes for super-sized fun. June 17-20 or June 17-21, $120/$105, ages 4-8

• Icky Sticky Art: Campers will use gooey materials like finger paint and paper mache to make monoprints with fingers and stamping designs. June 24-27, $120/$105, ages 4-8

• Barnyard Banter: Campers will use household items and art supplies we will craft critters, farm equipment and tractors. July 8-12, $150/$130, ages 4-8

• A Pirates Life for Me: Campers will dress up like pirates while crafting works of art and jewelry, reading about pirate legends, listening to pirate tunes and discovering treasure. July 29-Aug. 1, $120/$105, ages 4-8

• Camp Krusty Krab:.  Campers will create a treasure trove of ocean art in this mixed media camp, alongside Spongebob and his nautical friends. Aug. 12-15, $120/$105, ages 4-8

• Super Spies: Campers will make some super cool spy tools and conjure up their own mysteries to solve. Uncover fingerprints, use magnifying glasses and search for clues to solve mysteries. Aug. 5-9, $150/$130, ages 4-9

• Drivers, Start your Engines: Campers will learn about different types of race cars by designing their own race car, creating sponsor decals and building tool boxes. Aug. 5-9, $150/$130, ages 4-9

• Zoo Friends: Campers will learn how to draw portraits of animal friends, create sculptures with paper mache, make mixed media animal prints and make animal puppets. July 22-26, $150/$130, ages 5-8

• Clay Works: Campers will learn the basic handbuilding techniques using various sculpting materials, including air dry clay, Model Magic, Sculpee polymer clay, homemade dough, modeling clay and goo. July 15-19 or Aug. 5-9, $160/$140, ages 5-8 

• Extreme Construction and Lego Mania: Campers will learn new ways to put things together and create with LEGOS, wood, paper mache, cardboard and recycled materials. July 8-12 or July 29-Aug. 2, $150/$130, ages 5-7 or ages 8-11

• Monster Madness: Create friendly monsters and their many bizarre parts, such as fangs, wings and pointy ears. July 15-19, $150/$130, ages 5-9

• She’s an American Girl: Campers will make outfits and accessories for their favorite doll. June 17-21, $150/$130, ages 5-9 or ages 8-12

• “Shutterbugs” Digital Photography: Campers will learn how to properly handle a digital camera, basic photography techniques, photography etiquette and how to compose a photograph. Campers must bring their own digital cameras and will be expected to print photos at home. Aug. 12-16, $150/$130, ages 6-11

• Wearable Art: Campers will make art that inspires them as they listen to music and craft bracelets, necklaces, tie-dye shirts and totes. Aug. 12-16, $155/$135, ages 6-11

• Under the Sea: Campers will make art, jewelry, crafts, sculptures and wearable art based on ocean life and conservation. July 29-Aug. 2, $150/$30, ages 6-11

• Miracles of the Sea:

Campers will have oceans of fun in this camp as they discover amazing and miraculous sea creatures, from glow-in-the-dark fish of the Sargasso Sea to giant blue whales.  We will explore numerous art materials in the process such as paint, pastels, markers, glue and glitter.  June 17-21, $150/$130, ages 7-11

• Edible Art: Learn to create art inspired by food.  In addition to decorating cupcakes and cookies, campers will make recipe books and learn kitchen safety. July 8-12, $155/$135, ages 7-11

• A Trip around the World: Campers will create art from around the world, including Vietnamese dragons, Hopi and Zuni dolls and Latin American piñatas. July 15-19, $150/$130 , ages 7-12


Adolescents and teens

• Five Ways in Five Days: Campers will use real artist materials to create a pet portrait, learn color mixing and explore ideas of their own.  June 24-28, $150/$130, ages 8-12

• Wizards, Witches, Spells and Charms: Campers create lots of “magical” art, make potions and cast spells to defend against the dark arts. July 22-26, $150/$130, ages 8-12

• Fun with Fibers: Campers will make tie-dye shirts, yarn and ribbon weavings and Learn how to stitch and do embroidery. July 29-Aug. 2, $150/$130, ages 8-12

• Clay Creations: Students will learn handbuilding clay and explore the techniques to make pots, magical creatures and jewelry using various types of clay. June 24-28, $160/$140, ages 8-12

• Kids Sketch: Campers will learn the fundamentals of drawing and sketching. Projects will include still-life, landscapes, cityscapes and portraits in pencil, pen, ink and charcoal. July 22-26, $150/$130, ages 8-12

• Painting Pizazz: Campers experiment with watercolors, tempera and acrylic paints while creating one-of-a-kind paintings. June 17-21, $150/$130, ages 8-12

• Jammin’ Jewelry: Campers will make jewelry, including Sculpee beads, friendship pins, macrame’ friendship bracelets and paper bead necklaces. Aug. 5-9, $150/$130, ages 8-12

• The Sea of Monsters: Campers will create art inspired by the adventures of the Percy Jackson series. July 22-26, $150/$130, ages 8-13

• Girly Girlz: Campers make jewelry and cool art for their rooms, as well as lotions, soaps and lip gloss. July 15-19, $150/$130, ages 8-13

• POP ‘till You Drop:Campers will listen to pop music while making album covers, wall posters, song books and cool art their rooms. Aug. 12-16, $150/$130, ages 8-13 

• Camp Scream High: Campers will create clothes and accessories based on “Monster High.” June 24-28, $150/$130, ages 8-13

• Stories that Pop: Campers will illustrate and design pop-up books, explore several types of book-binding and discover different drawing materials to bring one-of-a-kind stories to life. June 24-28, $150/$130, ages 9-12

• Drawing for Fun: Participants will develop their drawing skills with drawing pencils, ink, colored pencils, pastels and watercolors. July 8-12, ages 9-12, $150/$130

• A Trip around the World: Campers create art from around the world, including Aztec Sun God carving, painting a Guatemalan plate design and rolling  Egyptian paper beads. July 29-Aug. 2, ages 9-16, $150/$130

• Color Explosion: Campers will learn how to mix their own colors from the primary colors. Activities will include a pet portrait with oil pastels, a color wheel gouache and a color-mixing painting with acrylics. July 15-19, ages 10-15, $150/$130

• Fashion Design and Drawing:

Students will design their own line of clothing through exploration of fabrics, colors and fashion sketching. July 8-12, ages 10-16, $160/$140.

• Paper Mania: Campers will create from natural materials, create books, pop-up cards and even make personalized stamps. July 29-Aug. 2, ages 11-16, $150/$130

• Ceramics: Campers will learn the basics of throwing pots on the wheel, as well as many handbuilding techniques. Students are required to return for a glazing session at a later date, which will be scheduled by the instructor. Ages 10 to 16, $175/$155. Camps run June 17-21, June 24-28, July 8-12, July 15-19, July 22-26, July 29-Aug. 2, Aug. 5-9 and Aug. 12-16.


Drop-in art days

• Summer Fun Fridays: Join the art center every Friday for summer-themed art activities for ages 18 months to 12 years, running June 14-Aug. 16, 10 a.m.-noon.

• Patriotic Party: Join a patriotic-themed drop-in art session. Find the red, white and blue in you by celebrating with American art. July 1-3 and 5, 10 a.m.-noon.