DAVIDSON – The International Justice Mission, which has a chapter at Davidson College, is a human rights agency that offers aid to victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and violence worldwide.

With offices in Asia, Africa and Latin America, its team of lawyers, criminal investigators and social workers partner with government officials  to ensure victims are rescued, perpetrators are prosecuted and legal codes effectively protect the poor. 

Between March 14-15, a group of Davidson College students held an event to support IJM’s mission to end human trafficking.

Senior Taylor White said, “The event is called the Stand for Freedom and consists of 27 hours worth of continuous standing in order to stand up for those throughout the world who have no voice or ability to stand up for themselves.”

Other student organizations, including Half the Sky and Better Together, sent representatives in shifts to cover the 27-hour period. The event culminated in a morning of music, a prayer for victims and free ice cream to raise student awareness. 

“Human trafficking also includes child soldiers and forced organ donation, which are much less common but still issues,” Junior Ellie Hoober said.

Hoober helped found the IJM chapter during her freshman year.