By Kseniya Kuprovska

DAVIDSON - High school students of the Community School of Davidson will make history this year by organizing the school’s first prom.

The event, themed "Under the Stars," will take place April 19 at Mint Museum in Charlotte. It is being organized by the Student Govenment Association, a group of 30 students split into separate prom committees.

It is open primarily for 11th graders and 10th graders if they have been invited as dates. Because the Community School is only in its third year, it does not have a senior class.

Tickets are $35.

Organizers said the ticket price is low because the event is being held on Friday, not Saturday like most other schools. That allowed SGA to get cheaper venues, not at premium prices. In addition, school administrators gave SGA more money than expected, also allowing the cost to stay affordable.

Carly Huffman and Lauren Morris, members of the SGA and different planning committees, shared some of their experiences preparing for the event.

Carly, who was on the restaurant committee, researched possible restaurants at which students could dine prior to prom. Her committee produced a list of restaurants in the Uptown Charlotte area with price ranges to facilitate dinner planning for the students.

The students hired Extravaganza, a decorating company, to embellish the space with draperies and star projections into the ceiling to compliment the theme. A barista will be serving coffee and espresso drinks, and at the end of the dance, students can take away candy from a candy bar.

The students are hoping the planning - as well as  the prom itself - serves as a testament that the memories  “will last a lifetime,” as the promotion poster claims.

Meanwhile, junior and sophomore women are shopping for dresses and making hair and make up appointments. To avoid the danger of showing up in the same dresses, they created a Facebook page where they post pictures of dresses they purchased.

Lauren Morris served on the promotions committee. Her group encouraged fellow students’ creativity in asking dates by awarding the most creative couple and their friends a carriage ride around Charlotte before the event.

Because of the carriage ride incentive and the competition, students are trying to outdo each other when asking for dates. One student conspired with a teacher during a class on Morse code. When sheets with coded messages were passed out to students, one of the girls received a prom invitation in the form of a message she had to decipher.

Lauren said her plan is to ask a boy to the prom via game board at a sporting event. Carly Huffman, on the other hand, described how she was on the receiving end of an interesting prom invite.

Her date wrote his name on a shirt and then passed it around the school and had other boys sign it. When Carly finally received the shirt, it was covered with boys’ names and a message: “One of these boys wants you to go to prom with him. Wash the shirt to find out who.”