MOORESVILLE – Stand-Up paddle boarding is the latest craze to hit the lake, but a group of people are already taking it to the next level.

Paddle boarding is no longer being looked at as just a recreational sport. It now doubles as an alternative form of exercise.

“It’s a workout that you don’t realize your getting because you are enjoying it so much,” said Rob Bennett, owner of My Aloha Paddle Sports and Fitness.

He said a lot of people have taken to paddle boarding for exercise because the motions use about 90 percent of the body and provides for a great core workout.

“It gives people an opportunity to not only get out on the water and enjoy the lake, but also to get a good workout,” Bennett said.

He said they’ve also found that people with back problems really benefit from this form of exercise.

Several gyms around the lake, including InMotion Fitness in Cornelius and the YMCA in Davidson, are buying paddle boards from Bennett to let members workout on the lake.

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Huntersville and Davidson Parks and Recreation Departments are going to offer paddle boarding classes to area residents.

My Aloha has several different levels of fitness classes for people looking to get into the sport or for experienced paddle boarders. All of the instructors are paddle-fit certified.

One class, called Paddle Fusion, combines cardio, paddling and yoga type poses performed on the board, which Bennett likens to a floating yoga mat.

They also do a nighttime class where the boards are lit up underneath with LED lights making for a beautiful illumination under the water.

You may have seen Bennett’s Hawaiian themed My Aloha Van at the Wher Rena Boatland in Cornelius or at their brick-and-mortar store in Mooresville.

The My Aloha Van is outfitted to take groups on excursions throughout the Catawba river basin, including Lake James, Lake Norman and  Mountain island Lake for half and full day adventures.

These kind of trips are great, Bennett said, for families, church groups and even corporate team building.

“Instead of doing zip lines or things like that, we take people out on pontoon boats and get them out on the lake to do an introductory class and have activities.”

My Aloha puts on two paddle board races a year for charity.

Last year, they had 62 racers at one event and raised $4,000 for Habitat for Humanity.

On April 13, My Aloha teamed up with the Davidson Lands Conservancy to host a paddle boarding demonstration on Lake Davidson.

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