HUNTERSVILLE – Daetwyler Clean Energy, a solar panel racking business, is expanding to California. 

Daetwyler – which specializes in industrial services and engineering – will keep its main office off Reese Boulevard in Huntersville. 

The international company announced recent plans to have part of its U.S. racking manufacturing operations set in the West Coast to serve that part of the country. Daetwyler is known as a respected solar mounting hardware manufacturer in the renewable energy market.

President Bill Taylor said the move to California comes at a perfect time because of the threat of a state tax credit for renewable-energy products being eliminated. No tax credit would negatively affect the in-state market, but Taylor said there’s no guarantee that will occur.

“We’re certainly hoping it doesn’t,” he said. “This market is still very strong. We hope it will be for a long time.”

Engineering operations and some manufacturing will continue to be done at the Huntersville facility. The move to the West Coast solidifies Daetwyler’s place as a haven for large-scale solar projects, many of which are now out west.

“We certainly don’t want to reduce our sales volume. We don’t know what’s going to happen,” Taylor added.

“Early on, when we got into the market, California was leading the charge. A lot of our competition was there, so we focused on the East Coast and penetrating that market. Customers like our products. Now it’s time to venture out west. The timing is perfect.”

Daetwyler has been headquartered in Huntersville since 1990, Taylor said. The company relocated its offices from New York. Taylor co-founded the Daetwyler Clean Energy segment of the company four years ago.

Daetwyler has built solar panel racking systems for projects in New Jersey, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, according to a Charlotte Business Journal report.

The state as a whole was ranked second in the country for clean energy and clean transportation jobs last year, according to the N.C. Sustainable Energy Association. The NCSEA reported the state was tops in the country in the fourth quarter of last year.

Daetwyler has an “enormous amount of impact” on job creation in North Carolina, Taylor said, having created at least 1,000 jobs for state residents. 

He declined to divulge the total number of Daetwyler employees, but said the California expansion will create more opportunities.

“We’re about adding manpower,” he said. “We want to put people to work. As we grow, we’ll bring on more people.”

David Nurse will lead Daetwyler’s California sales office, which is located north of San Francisco. The company figures to have offices all over the state, with projects also going on in Arizona.

Taylor said the expansion is vital for Daetwyler’s future.

“We want to be prosperous,” he said. “This expansion will be just as important as anything for that.”

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