Cornelius’ I-77 vote was the wrong decision


I am William Rakatansky, a former Cornelius Town Commissioner (1993-1995), and I would like to express my thoughts on Monday nights' divided (3-2) vote by the Cornelius Town Board to support the proposed High Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lanes and to oppose General Purpose (free) lanes which are desperately needed by the region, and to direct the Cornelius MUMPO Representative to likewise vote in favor of the HOT lanes.

A. For such an important issue to the people, why are some elected officials voting using misinformed, false, and deceptive information? Logic, rationality and reasonableness have escaped these people.  I suspect that at least two of the elected officials had no interest whatsoever in listening with an open mind to Kurt Naa's presentation.

B. As I have posted before on the WidenI77 website, why are some elected officials supporting a scheme to guarantee increasing traffic congestion on the general  purpose lanes for 50 years? All that will occur is that there will be more vehicles, more tractor-trailers, more frustration and more fuel burned up sitting idly in massive congestion that, I predict, within 30 years will have Charlotte/North Mecklenburg/Iredell County rush hour be extended from the present 1 to 1 1/2 hour scenario to a 5 or 6 hour long ordeal in the morning and evening.

This will cause gridlock on I-77, and the tolling company will not permit any general purpose lanes to be added to I-77 without contractual compensation from the taxpayers, possibly in the billions.

C. This is not the end of the effort, but I suspect it will be the end, come November this year, of John Bradford's, Chuck Travis's, and Lynette Rinker's tenure as elected officials. 

– William Rakatansky, Cornelius