– A moment from Anna Caffrey

I attended a Christmas dinner dance with a good friend, but an unfamiliar group. It was the holidays and I had a new dress, so I decided to go.

My friend introduced me to people as soon as we arrived, but my attention was immediately drawn to a distinguished looking man across the crowded room.

He was tall, had a very handsome beard, and was wearing a black velvet evening suit, yellow ruffled shirt and a black bow tie.

I asked my friend to introduce me to him and as we approached, I heard him speaking with a delightful English accent. For a moment I thought I was meeting royalty. I was actually tongue-tied, which is so not like me.

He was very charming and I openly flirted hoping to see him again later during the party. After dinner he asked me to dance and it was as if we were the only two people on the dance floor. I was Cinderella and I had found my prince. A coy smile and some flirty conversation let him know that I was interested. It was a magical night to remember.

My enchanted evening resulted in marriage and a different lifestyle with my Englishman.

After several years of marriage we moved to his home town in Danby in North Yorkshire, England. I learned an entirely new way of life in this small village. We lived in a lovely, cozy cottage, but our refrigerator was the size of an American dishwasher. This meant going to the market almost daily, or meeting with the vendors that strolled down the lanes.

Monday would be beef, Wednesday would be fish, and Friday would be poultry. Tuesday and Thursdays were vendors with fruits and vegetables. I found myself thinking this would certainly simplify grocery shopping “back home”.

Years later we moved back to the United States mainly because our healthcare needs surpassed what was available to us in our village.

My handsome Englishman and I have been married for 36 years now. A chance encounter one evening led me to years of happiness and numerous adventures.

Once you have found him, never let him go. Meeting him was a moment I’ll always remember.

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