MOORESVILLE – There is an authentic French bakery in Mooresville. Wait, there are two authentic French bakeries in Mooresville.

Forget the famed Amelies in NoDa. La Patisserie has a less eclectic interior, but many more amazing food options. Plus customers can have any type of coffee drink, from lattes to Cuban café to fancy, frothy drinks, made with 100-percent Columbian coffee. It is a true thing of beauty among the fast food world of today; a slower paced, lovely place to enjoy a made-from-scratch meal.

Elsa Mendoza is the family matriarch and went to culinary school in Colombia, South America, back in the 1980s.

Then her husband Manuel took care of daughters Natalia and Paola while she finished up French Culinary school in New York City.

After she finished, the family opened up the first La Patisserie in 2000. It was simply a small bakery where guests could custom order cakes or buy pastries or bread.

Word spread and the business grew. So they moved to the N. Main St. location and in 2006 expanded the menu to sandwiches and breakfast items. As there continued to be lines out the door, the family opened the second location in 2010 on Brawley School Road.

Now the plan is to open the third location somewhere in Uptown Charlotte.

The bakery is clean, intimate and has the true atmosphere of a café. Breakfast is served all day long.

“People will come in at night and have a beer with their waffles,” laughs manager Natalia Mendoza.

The French toast is breakfast decadence extraordinaire consisting of a made from scratch croissant to create the flakey masterpiece. There are also crepes, omelets, croissant sandwiches and Belgian waffles which are all homemade.

Lunch choices include huge, fresh salads, sandwiches on homemade bread, empanadas and crepes. Brunch is served at the Brawley School Road location on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Brunch and dinner offer table service.

Oh, and then there are the sweets.

The bakery specializes in wedding, birthday and other specialty cakes.

“My sister does the majority of decorating for the cakes,” said Natalia Mendoza. “So she spends lots of time in meetings figuring out exactly what the customer wants in their cake.”

There are also the pastries: cookies, turnovers, slices of cake and so much more.

Catering is big part of the bakery’s business. Customers can order sandwich and pastries all in one and get it delivered or pick it up.

“People love to get an assortment of sandwiches and mini desserts,” said Manuel Mendoza. “It’s a big part of our business.”

The customers understand that they are getting a healthy, fresh, homemade meal every time they dine at the bakery.

“It is just so delicious, healthy and fresh,” said Katie Macintosh of Cornelius, while eating breakfast at La Patisserie.

Julie Pirsa of Mooresville agreed with her dining companion. “We come here about every other week for brunch,” she said. “My kids just love it. And I do too!”

As the family begins the quest to open the third location, they are tired, but happy with their success.

“The girls used to come home and scrape trays after school,” said Manuel Mendoza. “Now they are helping to run the businesses. It is all in the family and that’s why it is so good.”

La Patisserie is located at:

631 Brawley School Road, Mooresville 704-799-1631 and 627 N. Main St., Mooresville, 704-799-3355