CHARLOTTE – The Mecklenburg-Union Metropolitan Planning Organization called security on a group of Lake Norman residents at a meeting tonight in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center.

Dozens of Lake Norman residents, including members of the group Widen I-77, came to voice their opposition to the HOT lanes project on Interstate 77.

After the group was told by the MUMPO board that they would be limited to ten minutes collectively, citizens started to chant “boo” and “first amendment.”

At that point Charlotte City Council at-large Elect and MUMPO board member David Howard asked that security be brought in.

Many individuals stood up and demanded to be heard, but MUMPO Chair and Huntersville Commissioner Sarah McAuley said that no one would be able to speak to the board at that point.

The majority of the citizens left the meeting in disgust, before hearing any of the presentations regarding the I-77 project.

The MUMPO board is supposed to vote on whether the project will be pushed through to the bidding phase.

Check back for more information on MUMPO's decision.