DAVIDSON – They were dressed in neon green and black outfits, and some donned alien masks.

Students from Acrofitness arrived at Davidson Day School April 26 to perform as part of Project ACES, or All Children Exercise Simultaneously. A Mooresville-based business, Acrofitness works to provide classes that inspire children of all ages to develop a love of movement through dance acrobatics.

“We use all kinds of movement to make fitness fun for kids – tumbling and core fitness and everything kids think is cool,” Owner Marie Severance said. “It’s all interspersed with push-ups and crunches, so it’s all disguised as play.”

Four teams made up of girls and boys from elementary to high school acted out a series of space age routines set to contemporary music, while Davidson Day kids cheered and jumped at opportunities to take part in the action.

“We go to local schools, and our kids motivate the other kids that fitness is fun,” Severance said. “With childhood obesity being at such an epidemic rate, we just feel like we should do anything we can to get the kids up and moving.”

Severance said all 50 states and 52 countries participate in Project ACES, which began in 1989.

Acrofitness offers a variety of after-school classes that incorporate elements of tumbling, hip hop dance, zumba and ballet. Find out more at www.acrofitness.com.