HUNTERSVILLE – Huntersville commissioners spent more than an hour Thursday morning discussing potential solutions to water quality issues with Mecklenburg County Water Quality Program Manager Rusty Rozzelle.

Huntersville’s heightened standards of storm water treatment and sediment requirements in water were the main topics of discussion in the meeting. Rain gardens and sand filters are possible solutions.

Rozzelle unveiled a presentation including a proposal for the town, which would be a combination of conventional and Low-Impact Development (LID) techniques to mimic natural site hydrology and maintain the integrity of local water.

Rozzelle said a new proposed water quality ordinance would dramatically lower the cost of water treatment for corporate businesses as well as smaller one-acre sites.

Huntersville Planning Board Chairman Bruce Andersen said the planning board and Rozzelle agreed to eliminate escrow, one of seven amendments originally included in the Mecklenburg County Storm Water proposal.