HUNTERSVILLE – Abby Fox, a Huntersville resident, will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno at 11:35 p.m. June 4 to show off her hidden talent for a segment called "Meal or No Meal.”

Fox was visiting Los Angeles a couple weeks viewing a Tonight Show taping when producers asked the audience to fill out a form with their hidden talent.

“I didn't think I had one but I remembered that I can put my legs over my shoulder and do pushups just standing on my arms so I decided to put that down,” Fox said. “Not thinking anything would actually happen.”

After the show, Fox was called to come down to the stage and meet with the show’s producer.

Fox submitted a video of her hidden talent and the producers asked her to return to Los Angeles for another taping.

“My talent is really weird and I've been able to do it for as long as I can remember,” Fox said. “I put my legs over my elbows/shoulders and do pushups with just my hands on the ground. I was a cheerleader at North Meck, so I guess that helped. ”

Three celebrities judge Fox’s talent, and the winner will get a free meal somewhere in Los Angeles.