MOORESVILLE – The best wakeboarders in the world came to Lake Norman on May 31 and June 1 for the second leg of the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour.

Competitors in the Men’s Pro division get two chances at a run to hit two rail tricks and six wake tricks, said MasterCraft-sponsored wakeboarder Andrew Adkison.

Their runs are judged on “how hard was it, how big was it and how clean was it,” Adkison said.

We asked Adkison, as well as Jeff Langley and Josh Palma, to judge Lake Norman.


Andrew Adkison

What makes Lake Norman unique?

There is so much shoreline here, you can have 300 wakeboard boats out, and you could all have a cove to ride in. There are so many spots on the lake that have great conditions.

What have you been doing away from the competition?

We went out with the Earnhardt Ganassi Racing guys, did some tire changing with the pit crew and raced some karts after that.

It’s kind of interesting, that there are a number of drivers that have wake boats and are decent wake boarders. There is a bit of a crossover.

One of their racers, TJ Bell, is a super nice guy, a pretty decent wakeboarder and a heck of an athlete, too. We were out on the lake, and we were picking his brain about driving. He was right back at us with wakeboarding.


Jeff Langley

What makes Lake Norman unique?

The conditions are really, really out here. There is a lot of bounce back with the water being so high.

It’s not that it’s narrow, because a lot of the lakes we train on back home are really narrow. It’s the beach.

If it’s a wall and the wake hits it, it just bounces back off. Where as if it’s an incline, it actually breaks onto it and there is no bounce back. Here, its like 360 degrees of sea wall, so it’s like a bathtub.

What have you been doing away from the competition?

I went and played golf and am also going Saturday and Sunday to play at Birkdale.

I have family that live near the course, so I have been doing a little bit of work – if you want to call it work – on the side.


Josh Palma

What makes Lake Norman unique?

Because of the rain you guys have had, plus the runoff, the water level is super high. What you get, this is acting like a sea wall. It’s like a concrete wall.

With the high-water levels, you get some unpredictability.

What have you been doing away from the competition?

After the event, we will do a clinic on Sunday. Its pretty rare, aside from a contest that we are all in the same place. So it’s cool to be able to do stuff like that.