Cornelius resident Luke Abbott raised $242.66 for frog habitat improvements at the Robbins Park ponds.

"Luke Abbott has always been passionate about animals especially amphibians," said Mayor Lynette Rinker. "Luke believes our community should be doing its part to provide a healthy environment to attract and protect frogs and toads. He does not want to see these creatures endangered or extinct."

Luke wanted to help these creatures and hosted a "Frog Day Fair" to raise money for Robbins Park.

He sold original frog art, frog-themed baked goods donated by members of the community; created a toad house craft; and developed a bean bag toss game.

The money Luke raised would be used toward Robbins Park Phase II improvements which includes renovation of the two ponds. Parks and recreation staff is working with the N.C. Fish and Wildlife Commission and its consultants to ensure these ponds continue to provide a suitable environment for amphibians.