There’s no doubt that people love their pets, but there’s something nice about playing with a pet that you don’t have to walk and feed early in the morning. 

Many businesses have owners or employees that bring their pets to work. Not only do they enjoy having their pets nearby, but the customers that go to these businesses get attached to these animals, which in turn, can help build a stronger business relationship.

Researchers have found that employees who brought their dog to work, showed a decline in stress throughout the day, according to the article, “Preliminary investigation of employee's dog presence on stress and organizational perceptions,” in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management.

The study was conducted at Replacements Limited in Greensboro, a company that hosts between 20 and 30 employees’ dogs per day.

At Davidson Beverage Company, John Baker said bringing his Dachshund, Deeny, to the office was initially a convenience for a dog owner who didn't want to leave his beloved pet at home alone.

“I didn't bring him in thinking that it would be great for business," Baker said. “But it just turned out that way.

While business owners may initially bring the pet in to watch over it during the day, for many, the pet turns into a staple for the business that customers grow to love. Many business owners say that if the pet isn't there, then customers can be pretty disappointed.

Landmark Galleries in Mooresville is known for its resident Maltese, Gigi. The pet acts as the main doorbell when customers come in.

“People come here and know that it's not a stuffy place when they see her.” said Susan Williams, an employee at Landmark for six years. “She's just lays on the couch or bed, just like she is a part of the gallery. Not everyone is an animal lover, but a lot of people appreciate having pets in a store like this.”

Marie Severance, of Acrofitness in Mooresville, has combined her love for animals with her passion for exercise, turning her business into what seems like more of a miniature petting zoo than a fitness center for children.

With two five-foot iguanas, a chinchilla, ferret, four parrots, a gold fish pond and Severance’s poodle, Porsche, those who visit Acrofitness are always entertained and maybe a little bit distracted.

“The children just love to be around the different animals. It’s somewhat therapeutic,” Severance said. “A lot of the time, we have to force them to come to class.”

Parents appreciate the animals being there, because their children are able to get their “pet fix” while at the dance studio, Severance said.

Severance initially decided to bring in her birds to the office because they needed care during the day that she just wasn’t able to provide while at work. Now the business is the home to several beloved pets, which are making a lot of children and parents, very happy customers.

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