HUNTERSVILLE – Max Daetwyler recently hosted educators from around the region for STEMersion 2013, a hands-on program which provides an opportunity for middle and high school teachers to look at why so many jobs require science, technology, engineering and math (dubbed STEM) in the workplace.

Daetwyler Corporation, in addition to 17 other area companies, participated in STEMersion 2013. More than 40 educators signed up, almost double the amount from last year’s inaugural event. 

Teachers spent two weeks visiting STEMersion partner sites, where they learned about the inner workings of the businesses and how important higher-level STEM courses, such as science, technology, engineering and math skills, are used daily in a manufacturing environment.

Each partner had a chance to speak with and encourage the teachers by explaining how important it is for their students to enroll and excel in the STEM courses made available to them.

Each business showcased their work environment and demonstrated the practical use of the formulas, theories and concepts they teach. Teachers also learned from their new partners that there were resources available from outside the school system, such as help in developing curriculums and with guiding students toward apprenticeships, internships and other workplace learning opportunities.

STEMersion began in 2012 when local and national businesses, education leaders, and corporations joined together to create a unique, hands-on, two-week workshop in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The goal was to have participating teachers take the real-world experience back to their classrooms and encourage students to follow career pathways that will lead to internships and other workplace learning opportunities while still in high school.

“We have had the pleasure of training a number of outstanding apprentices over the years with many going on to become valued members of our company and STEM skills are vital for students to qualify,” said Walter Siegenthaler, executive vice president of the Max Daetwyler Corporation.


INFOBOX: About Max Daetwyler Corporation

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