By Justin Vick
LKN World Headquarters


My third grade teacher didn’t like tattletales. Whenever we got the urge to tell on a classmate, she encouraged us to write anonymous letters and slip them in the pouch of the class “tattle turtle.”

One day, I just had to visit the tattle turtle. A couple of classmates laughed at me. I don’t remember what they were laughing about, but it made me very angry at the time.

Recalling what I wrote to the tattle turtle, I’m surprised I wasn’t suspended from school. I called my classmates things you can’t say on television. Maybe HBO, but definitely not CBS.

These days, it seems like the Internet has put the tattle turtle on the endangered species list. It's almost second nature to criticize something anonymously online. 

Nothing stops you from writing biting criticism on about the fast food restaurant that forgot to put cheese on your burger.

And I would hate to be Amanda Bynes reading the IMDB message boards, Justin Bieber browsing his YouTube videos or Dwight Howard scrolling through ESPN comments. They get it the worst!

I would like to try a little experiment in the spirit of my third-grade tattle turtle. I invite readers to email us with their biggest pet peeves, the more Lake Norman-centric, the better. And the best part … we won’t publish your name or email address.

Here is what I won’t publish:

• Stuff that lands me in court;

• Insults about specific people or companies;

• Anything racist, homophobic or misogynistic;

• Curse words (this is a family newspaper); or

• Recycled George Carlin jokes (be creative, think of your own).

Need a little inspiration? Here’s an example: “Drivers need to slow down around crosswalks. I was nearly hit at Delburg and Griffith streets in Davidson the other day. If you ever see a large puddle of chocolate at that intersection, those are probably my remains.”

Now you try!


What is your biggest pet peeve?

Email us up to 50 words on your biggest pet peeve and we’ll include as many as we can in the next edition. Send them to Put “peeved” in the subject line. These will be kept anonymous. We will not publish your name or email address.