When Rosie wandered into Kathy Madison’s son’s yard in July, she wasn’t sure the pit bull mix was going to live.

Emaciated, the dog looked more like a skeleton than a living creature.

Maggots infested a wound where it looks like a chain was tied around her hips. She had cuts on her feet. And Rosie was in the early stages of pregnancy.

Not wanting to call animal control in fear that Rosie would be euthanized, Madison took her to the Common Wealth Animal Hospital where the staff fell in love and went to work.

Despite her trauma, the wag of her tail signaled Rosie’s willingness to fight for life.

Madison created a Facebook page, called Saving Rosie, which helped bring in $1,300 for medical expenses.

Only a month later, Rosie has put on weight, her scars are healing and she’s full of joy. But, she is in need of a home, a loving one. Anyone interested should email Madison at kmadison@aol.com.

“She’s great with dogs. She’s great with children,” Madison said. “She loves everything. She’s a lover of life.”