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Toast Cafe is at 101 N. Main St., Davidson. Details: 704-655-2778 or


CHARLOTTE – As actors and musicians in New York City, Brian Burchill and Robert Maynard made a ritual of home-cooked omelets made from scratch in the company of good friends. 

Their passion for fresh-made food inspired the duo in 2005 to open Toast Café – a gourmet breakfast concept.

Toast has since expanded to locations in Davidson, Dilworth and Ballantyne. In response to growing customer support and demand, Burchill and Maynard have decided to add franchising to the menu.

“Our simple philosophy about breakfast is that dining out is an event and should be treated as such. That has really helped us grow our brand into something greater than anything we could have hoped for,” Burchill said. “Our appreciation for presentation that was so critical in the entertainment business has rubbed off on our development of Toast. We love what we do, and having the opportunity to bring great culinary dishes in an inviting atmosphere to new neighborhoods is truly gratifying and exciting. “

Friends since age 7, Burchill and Maynard opened their first Toast location after seeking breakfast options and falling short. They collaborated to create a concept that fuses fantastic food with great presentation.

After opening in Huntersville in 2005 and moving to a larger storefront in Davidson, the Toast brand took off. They opened additional locations in 2008 and 2011. As each of the three locations became busier, Burchill and Maynard turned to franchising to grow the concept nationally.

Toast’s goal is to open five locations by year-end. They will keep expanding and opening restaurants as long as the franchises are profitable. Territories in the Carolinas and northeastern United States have been the focus of development. However, Toast aims to scale into a nationally known brand.

“Toast is a concept that has caught on in the communities that we serve,” Maynard said. “With our imaginative menu – prepared with fresh ingredients and served in an energetic setting – we’ve experienced high demand for our food and overall concept. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our patrons, and franchising is the best path for us to bring our signature food and originality to more southeastern states.”