What really peeves me these days is how people choose to use the phrase "no problem" instead of "you are welcome" - when- "you are welcome" should be used instead of "no problem"! For example, I am in the grocery store and I couldn't find the bread crumbs, so I ask the clerk where might I find the bread crumbs? The clerk guides me to the aisle where the bread crumbs are located. I "thank" the clerk for the assistance, and the clerk replies "no problem"... Was it a problem that I could not find the bread crumbs??? Did it mean life or death that I had to have these bread crumbs??? I really think that a sufficient "you are welcome" would be fine. Now, if I was in the grocery store and I all of the sudden had a reaction from getting too close to the seafood department, being as I might be allergic to seafood, and I track down a grocery store clerk to direct me to the Benadryl and I say "thank you" and the clerk replies "no problem", then I think that would be an appropriate response, as there is definitely a "problem".